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We get results without resorting to web site optimization tricks or spamming that could get your site penalized. Your search engine positioning and sales will take flight with our total SEO approach to optimization.

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Our SEO Workflow on each Website
Keyword Research - Identify the top "keywords" that the client's target market is searching for on the Internet. Target these top "keywords" for consultant's search engine placement process.
Analysis & Optimization- Full analysis of the current site. Approximately 50 items are considered, analyzed and tested for search engine readiness to determine all items that should be done in the optimization process and make recommendations on needed adjustments. Work out any design / navigational / structural issues that may be detrimental to the Client's site ranking.
Meta Tags - The meta keywords tag does not carry a lot of weight, but it is taken into consideration by some search engines.
Meta Description - The meta description carries at least a little weight in several search engines. An abstract of the meta description is often used by search engines in the search results pages.
The Title Element - Of all the on page factors, the title element, casually referred to as the page title, carries the most weight.
Headings - Using heading within the body copy of the page is not just a good search engine optimization practive; it also helps the reader anticipate the subject of the page (H1 tags) or the subject of the paragraph (h2 tags). The key here is to include your keywords within the headings:
Link Building - Link popularity will continue to be an essential factor in top search engine rankings for the foreseeable future.
Manual Submission - Submission of your website to all relevant directories.We will submit your site/s by hand to the major search engines. This is far more effective and a safer route to website submission vs. automated solutions. At all times We maintain a high standard of promotion ethics. We do not use any techniques that are considered spamming or deceptive by search engines or directories.
Monitoring - Monitor ranking and indexing. Provide Client with monthly reports detailing ranking improvements on the targeted keywords and also tracking increases in traffic.
Maintenance - Make monthly adjustments to the previous efforts, as needed. The search engines are ever evolving, continued adjustments to previous search engine optimization techniques will continue to be necessary to stay a step ahead of your competition.

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